Een nationalisme van binnen-naar-buiten gekeerd (Roberta Strauss Feuerlicht 1983)

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“Modern Zionism is a nationalist movement rooted in the thinking of the nationalist movements of the nineteenth century, but [>] with conditions turned inside out. Unlike the Serbs, say, who were indigenous to the Balkan peninsula, having lived there continuously since the seventh century, who had a common language and culture, and who had only to overthrow the conquering Turks to be liberated, the Zionists chose to create a state by superseding the indigenous population and culture of Palestine and in-gathering from all over the world descendants of Jews who had not lived there in any number for 2,000 years and who no longer shared language or culture or anything else except the disputed identification «Jewish». Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg called Israel «the only example of a new state created by a largely nonresident people returning to the homeland of its ancestors.»” (Roberta Strauss Feuerlicht, The Fate of the Jews. A People Torn Between Israeli Power and Jewish Ethics, Times Books, New York 1983, pp. 219-220)