De Catalaanse Troebelen 13 – afscheiden leidt niet persé tot lijden

Citaat van de dag, dat wil zeggen, een citaat van een jaar of vier geleden dat me zeer van toepassing lijkt op de gebeurtenissen van vandaag.

“Finally, we need to be aware of the anti-secessionist bias in mass media, and not just in academic research [waarover in de context van dit citaat uitgebreid is gesproken]. It has been only recently that important newspapers and magazines have started to take secessionist movements such as the ones going in Catalonia and Scotland (e.g. the Guardian, the New York Times, the Huffington Post, Reuters) seriously. But other media outlets are highly skeptical of these movements and therefore directly or indirectly supportive of the status quo and of the existing national states. Nonetheless, journalists are likely to become less biased towards this issue  once academics become less so, and once the reality of the facts such as those taking place in Catalonia, Flanders, [>] and Scotland shows that secessionism is not necessarily connected to disastrous events. Indeed, in all of these cases, secessionism is civic, democratic, and pacific [sic.], and highly unlikely to escalate into an armed conflict anytime in the future.” (Laia Balcells, “Opening the black box of secessionism”, in Liz Castro, red., met een voorwoord van Artur Mas, What’s up with Catalonia? / ¿Qué le pasa a Cataluña?, Catalonia Press: Ashfield Massachusetts 2013, 87-95, citaat op 93-5).